Transpersonal Somatic Therapy (TsomT) has evolved over 30 years of experimentation and careful introspection. It draws on the many years of research that have given rise to present day integral psychology, a psychology that is informed and deepened by an ongoing infusion of spiritual or wisdom tradition insights.

The therapy itself is designed to address the range of experiences, issues and challenges that evoke the need for the psychotherapeutic / counseling process. Working within a brief therapy timeline as well as a depth / long term context, the TsomT approach is energized by an appreciation for a warm and caring therapeutic relationship, a clear recognition of the importance of felt sense immediate experience and the insights that place psychology in a transpersonal or spiritual context.

Whether the work involves symptom reduction, the building of healthy self / relational structures or the inherent transcendent potential, the foundation for the exploration is one of curiosity, innocence and love / compassion. Hidden within all that seems troubling and distressed lie untapped resources.

The therapeutic process, and specifically the therapeutic relationship, work to uncover and reveal these resources into conscious awareness. Once the causal aspects of what appears unsatisfactory are clarified not only is there a tendency for symptoms to decrease, but it seems as if the very energy of un-satisfactoriness or suffering is transformed into something quite different…..greater fulfillment.

Therapy can be much more than working with stress and problems. Without ignoring the wounding influence of certain past experiences or the current stressors of present time living, the therapeutic relationship helps “open” the moment and uncover the very nature of how transformation happens. What was previously unconscious or obscured emerges, and it is revealed to us that our feelings, thoughts, perceptions and felt senses are ever new and changing. This not only offers a very direct intimation of the totally reliable fact of transformation, but as this truth is not ignored or avoided, a portal into the “ground of being” can open.

This ground is not like the earth ground, but instead is a groundless ground that is not dependant on anything or anyone. It is indeed another word for freedom.