It is easy to overlook awareness ; simple awareness as the most extraordinary characteristic of human beings. It is the context within which our lives unfold and it is always here in any conscious moment, yet mysteriously without fixed location. Which means it is impossible to specifically locate and yet it illuminates everything, like the sun of our solar system.

Awareness is by nature non-judgmental, non comparative and non preferential. It is open and actually without boundaries. It also has no center. The human sense organs can only do what they do because of awareness, like an energy terminal within or behind them. Nothing can be known for what it is without awareness. When our eyes rest on some visual object, it is actually awareness that sits “inside” the organ function and lets the whole experience register.

There is an idea that in deep dreamless sleep, there is no awareness. If this is so, how would we know on waking that we had somehow been so deeply resting and without any problems or issues without awareness to somehow give us this impression through the memory trace of deep sleep as it appears in the conscious state ?

Through therapy and meditation practices it can be discovered that awareness itself is curative, awareness itself heals. The mysterious way that awareness actually pulls this off is nothing short of miraculous. However, one certain contribution is that awareness by nature is accepting and loving. Its love is sublime, profound and unconditional. It simply allows everything in its field to be as it is. It is fundamentally silent and tranquil.
Conditioned human perception and cognition suggest to us that we live in a world of duality. A world of opposites and contrasts and the fundamental dualism is that the human being is the subject and all that is observed through the senses are the objects that make up the world we live in.
Discovering the silent field of open spaciousness Awareness invites another possibility. Not only can it be discovered that in fact awareness cannot actually be separated from any objects of experience, but the wonder so easily appreciated in the eyes of a child or the fragrance emanating from a budding rose are only two of the countless invitations that are ever present, communicating a simple timeless message: the abundant, fulfilled life does not require possessions, status or power but rather unveiled clarity that happiness and love are birthrights surely realized when the mysterious power of Awareness transcends the domain of imagined possibilities and awakens as a living Realization.