Transpersonal Somatic Therapy (TsomT) trainings are a psychological, physical, and spiritual approach to therapy and daily living. While this work is intimate and deep, both personally and interpersonally, its keynote rests in the aspect of life which is commonly called Awareness or Presence. This is the transpersonal Being within which all that is known and felt occurs.

The therapeutic explorations are at times psychological and biographical because we acknowledge and work through history, conditioning, past experiences, and beliefs which when not seen clearly can filter and inhibit happiness and wellness in the present moment. This area of the work is about what we have experienced and how /where it has been recorded. Also it is about how present choices and situations can be influenced by the past.

Psychotherapy provides an approach to understanding, releasing, accepting, forgiving and healing the psychological “self”. The result is clarity, wholeness and peace. The body is a living diary; intelligent and sensitive. It is also a vehicle for awakening to one’s essential nature. Touch is at times carefully utilized to help access significant information in the form of memories and feelings, which are often seen more clearly through deepening awareness of body sensations.

The “spiritual” refers to the dimension of who or what we are, before, during and after all experiences. Often, this Beingness is sensed as an aware Presence. Awakening to this Presence supports the realization that the psycho-physical life, while here to be enjoyed, is also that through which many wake up to the transpersonal spirit that transcends separation and isolation.

In an atmosphere of collective trust and safety, the three pillars of Awakened Living – meditation, non- dual inquiry and therapy, dynamically support one another and enhance the natural wonder of being alive. The trainings utilize a blend of didactic practices and group work creating a safe and evocative setting where freedom and harmony can be uncovered. These processes assist in awakening to life as it truly is, beyond habit, conceptions and beliefs.

Participants will immediately be able to adapt these methods to their own therapy practices, integrating and stylizing application as needed. Teachers and life coaches will find inspiration in this work as the methods are direct, effective and immediate means of assisting transformation and awakening insight.  In this context and perhaps of even greater significance is the possibility that the whole structure of needs that often drive and propel humans to live in limitation can be seen through and can thus dissolve. A natural and simple openness remains that unbinds what appears bound and uproots the seeking for something more complete or fulfilling through having more and different experiences. Awakened Living is not state or experience dependant. In a strange way, when there is no longer any need to get anything out of being alive, simply being alive is the treasure that fulfillment of needs and desires promised but could never quite bring.