The life force... that which animates the body,

is ultimately nothing more or less than unconditional love.

Awareness – intro

It is easy to overlook  awareness; simple awareness as the most extraordinary characteristic of human beings. It is the context within which our lives unfold and it is always here in any conscious moment, yet mysteriously without fixed location. Which means it is impossible to specifically locate and yet it illuminates everything, like the sun of our solar system.

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Trainings – intro

Transpersonal Somatic Therapy (TsomT) trainings are a psychological, physical, and spiritual approach to therapy and daily living. While this work is intimate and deep, both personally and interpersonally, its keynote rests in the aspect of life which is commonly called Awareness or Presence. This is the transpersonal Being within which all that is known and felt occurs.

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Therapy – intro

Transpersonal Somatic Therapy (TsomT) has evolved over 30 years of experimentation and careful introspection. It draws on the many years of research that have given rise to present time integral psychology, a psychology that is informed and deepened by an ongoing infusion of spiritual or wisdom tradition insights.

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Unconditional love although actually indescribable is like open space. Learn More